Thursday, June 23, 2011

Editor's Selections: Lice, Cultural Preservation, Short Farmers, and Chipped-Stone Tools

This week in the social sciences on
  • At Contagions, Michelle Ziegler explores evidence that Napoleon's armies may have also had to battle a minute enemy: lice, which can carry a host of diseases.
  • Razib Khan documents the benefits of the selective preservation of cultural elements with regard to human evolutionary history at Gene Expression.
  • At Inkfishblog, Elizabeth Preston debunks the notion of robust farmhands, made tough by the labors they performed and working outdoors. They were likely shorter, more prone to disease, and malnourished, believe it or not.
  • And finally, the author of Gambler's House reveals what chipped-stone tools can tell us about our early ancestors.
I'll be back next Thursday with more selections in anthropology, philosphy, social sciences, and research from

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