Thursday, May 19, 2011

Editor's Selections: Modern Day Alchemy, Sex Bias, and Learning

On ResearchBlogging this week:
  • Can gold fight cancer? Possibly! From the Lab Bench under the Research/Scholarship heading Paige Brown reports how the Xia lab uses alchemy to create gold nanocages, which can then be used for diagnostics and drug delivery.
  • Under the Anthropology heading, Kate Clancy of Context and Variation investigates how sex bias can impact parental investment, which in turn can have serious effects on their children's development.
  • Also under Anthropology, Jason Goldman discusses learning processes at the aptly named The Thoughtful Animal. Are humans unique in the ways we retain and recall information? The short answer is yes, but Jason drums up a few examples where other species come close.
Come back next week for more ResearchBlogging picks in anthropology, philosophy, and research!

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