Thursday, April 14, 2011

Editor's Selections: Thick Heads, Science Brokers, Bike Lanes and Sustainability, and Gestures

This week in the social sciences on
  • At Neurotic Physiology, Scicurious ponders the curious state of "boneheadedness," seeking to expose any literal truths behind the saying "get it through your thick skull." Scicurious looks at a study possibly linking mastication to skull thickness—in mice—and briefly discusses the role of genetics in determining this particular trait.
  • At Big Think, guest blogger Melanie Gade delivers a series of excellent points to help rethink the scicomm framework. She positions scientists as information brokers whose primary objective is that of translating scientific advice in meaningful ways to the public.
  • The author of Verdant Nation finds interesting parallels in conflicts over bike lanes in New York City and Ottawa-Gatineau, suggesting some commonalities in our resistance to change.
  • In a similar vein, Amy Freitag of Southern Fried Science delivers a powerful discussion on sustainability, challenging long-held assumptions and questioning the romantic view of the local community.
  • And finally, at Litigation Postscript Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm analyzes the meanings behind certain types of hand gestures and discusses what they can add to communication.
See you next Thursday for more selections in the social sciences!

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