Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm excited to announce that The Open Laboratory 2010 is now available in print (or for download if you prefer)! This collection of "the best of science writing on the web" includes my Fulton Fish Market post, as well as posts from Eric Michael Johnson, Brian Switek, DeLene Beeland, Hannah Waters, Dr. Sky Skull, Scicurious, Kevin Zelnio, and some of your other favorite science writers!

Thanks so much to Jason Goldman for his hard work as editor! It was no mean feat to coordinate a review of the 900 submissions and then make the final call on the posts that made the cut.

By the way, nominations for The Open Lab 2011 are open! So if you've read something here on AiP that you particularly like, please take a moment, and submit the post for consideration in the next anthology!

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