Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twelve Months of Anthropology in Practice

Some bloggers are taking a look at their year of blogging with a summary of sorts. Drugmonkey has put out a call for participants for the twelve month meme:
The rules for this blog meme are quite simple. Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.
Seems simple enough. I skipped blog carnivals, blog announcements, and Anthro Readers that may have fallen on the first, and instead went to the next full post. Here's a sampling of 2010 on AiP:
  • January: Question: What do you need to get you through the day?
  • February: I'm always interested in changes to the landscape because I think that these changes are often reflected in the social landscape as well.
  • March: The City That Never Sleeps, The Crossroads of the World, The Information City, The Port of Many Ports, The Media City—these nicknames that imply fluidity.
  • April: As today is Good Friday, perhaps it's a good time to talk about death in the digital world.
  • May: Cisco's recent advertising campaign, featuring actress Ellen Page, has focused on the human network—a network that grows decidedly more digital with each passing day.
  • June: As the MTA prepares to roll out a new, user-friendly subway map this month, I thought it might be the right time to take a look at some artifacts from the subway's history.
  • July: I was accosted by a homeless man this morning.
  • August: Have you ever had the experience of experiencing a familiar place in a new way?
  • September: Yesterday's post on gender titles sparked some interesting comments on Twitter.
  • October: Mets fans know disappointment.
  • November: It’s not quite news that Cookie Monster no longer eats cookies.
  • December: Kroeber is rolling his eyes at the AAA Executive Board.  
If you decide to participate, share a link in the comments!


  1. just discovered your blog and plan to keep reading - and it was fun doing the twelve days..

    here's the link


  2. whoops - here's a more specific link:


  3. Thanks for sharing your link, Bobby, and I'm glad you joined in. It's a fun exercise in reflection (or refraction, if you prefer). Naturally, there are other variations (e.g., most popular post for the month), but this one seems to give a nice cross sectional view of a blog.