Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joining the ResearchBlogging Family!

I have exciting news: I'll be joining the fantastic ResearchBlogging team of editors! As the new Social Sciences Editor, I'll be selecting posts from Anthropology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, and Research/Scholarship every Thursday beginning on January 6th.

What does this mean for AiP? Nothing will change around here. The RBEditor post does not replace AiP as a whole—but it's a chance to learn about new developments in the social sciences. I'm really excited to accept this post, and I look forward to sharing some of the best research blogging with you.

Thanks so much to Dr. SkySkull for all he's done for ResearchBlogging, and for his recognition of AIP in his weekly Editor's Selections. Fellow new editor Sarah Askew of One Small Step and I have our work cut out for us! Sarah will be joining ResearchBlogging as the new Physical Sciences Editor and will be covering Physics, Astronomy, Maths, Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Geosciences.

You can follow our weekly selections, as well as those from the other editors, on Twitter at @ResearchBlogs.

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