Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AiP Elsewhere on the Web

Credit: Jamesongravity, Flickr
I hope you'll bear with me as I toot my horn a little: AiP has been mentioned in a few places that I'd like to share with you!

First, Southern Fried Science has signed off for the month of December, but not before naming Anthropology in Practice as one of its favorite blogs for 2010:
Anthropology in Practice is one of the best social science blogs out there, plus anthropological writing turned towards our own culture.
Not only that, but the network has named Recycling for Profit: Rise of the Can Collectors as one of its favorite posts. I should also mention that Smells from the Past: The Fulton Fish Market, which I posted at The Urban Ethnographer, was also selected as a favorite post.

I am really honored to be included in this selection by Southern Fried Science!

Also, AiP gets a mention from Dave Munger at Seed Magazine. In his column, The Human Animal, Dave references AiP's recent post, Faunal Friends: The Animal Connection. He also includes work by Jason Gold who blogs at The Thoughtful Animal. It's a fantastic piece on our relationship with pets. (Clearly I'm not biased at all in my assessment!)

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