Friday, November 5, 2010

DonorsChoose Finish Line Up Ahead—Can You Help?

The Science Bloggers for Students campaign at DonorsChoose is winding down—just a few days left until Nov. 9th. Thanks so much to everyone who has participated through the AiP DonorsChoose page so far. You've made such a difference for these kids! We've raised a total of $146.00 that will help 317 students, and possibly more in the future as the materials the teachers requested are used with subsequent classes.

Can you guys help me get through the final push? I have three projects left on my page, and they're big ones, but we can do it. And they're really good projects that emphasize science and social science:

My students would make great excavators in class. We don't need to go out into the field. Please help us bring this project to our classrooms.
Your kindness and generosity will allow my students to bring Social Studies and their community to life for them! They will learn more than what books have to offer; you will help them see that there is more to their community than the corner they wait for the bus on, or the corner store they buy milk for their breakfast at. They will learn about the fire station 2 blocks away and the crossing guard who helps their friends get to school safely. You will help open up their hearts and minds! 
We feel being able to have a life size tangible skeletal system and smaller skeletal systems for the students to touch, observe and feel will provide a "real world" experience for our students. Your donations will help us create an engaging, challenging lesson for our current students as well as future students in years to come.
Please donate—even a buck helps—or spread the word. Remember, donations made through the AiP Donor's Page are eligible for a match from HP. Once the initiative ends, you'll receive a code you can use to contribute to a project of your choosing.

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