Thursday, October 14, 2010

DonorsChoose Update: Students at PS 163 Are Funded!

Ms. B asked for help getting books for her students at PS 163, and I'm thrilled to say that her project was funded—with help from Kate Clancy and Dave Pentecost who donated through the AiP Donor's Page!!

Thanks in part to Kate and Dave, the kids in Ms. B's class will get to enjoy the Harry Potter series, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and titles from Goosebumps! Thank you! You've made a huge difference to these kids! And as an added bonus, HP will match your contributions at the end of the drive—AND you'll receive a portion of that match to donate to project of your choice.

The DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students initiative will run through Nov. 9, and there are still lots of classrooms out there that need help. I'll be featuring other NYC schools in the coming days, but feel free to visit the AiP Donor's page and support a classroom in need.

[Update: Here's a note of thanks from Ms. B!]
Dear David, Jungleboy, Ms. Carmichael, Jonathan, Maria, Kate and Anonymous Donor,

Thank you so much for your donations to my classroom. I can't wait to show my kids these books and have them experience the excitement of reading. It doesn't have to be boring, you just have to connect with the material.

They have already been pleading with me to get some scary books. They ask for mysteries, but our classroom library is deficient in those sorts of books. So I made a Donors Choose project to give them the books they want to read. I am so excited! They are going to fight over these books and it will be a fight i will be happy to have!

My kids don't get to go to the public library, their parents often work beyond the operational hours, so the classroom library really has to supplement their needs.

Thank you much, words cannot express my gratitude.

With gratitude,
Ms. B.

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