Friday, October 22, 2010

DonorsChoose Update: Hurray for Current Events and Understanding Ecosystems!

Credit: bfick, Creative Commons
Thanks in part to the efforts of Dr. Sky Skull two more classrooms on the AiP DonorsChoose page has been funded!

Ms. R's class at PS 1 in Brooklyn will be able to get classroom copies of the Weekly Reader! And Ms. L's class at the Bronx Academy of Letters will be able to get an aquarium kit for what is sure to be a fantastic project! 

I'd also like to thank the anonymous donor who contributed to Digging for Rocks, and Kristina who also contributed to Digging for Rocks and Bones, Bones, and More Bones as well! And thanks to Dr. Sky Skull for supporting the earth science request of Ms. C and Ms. W's request for a printer. I hope we can help these classrooms as well.

To date, donors through AiP have raised $146.00 and touched the lives of 110 students. The Science Writers for Students initiative runs through Nov. 9th, and there are still lots of classrooms that could use some help. Please take a look, help if you can, and spread the word. I understand that by now you've probably got a bit of DonorsChoose fatigue, but please remember that you're making a huge difference for these and future students.

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