Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DonorsChoose Featured Project: Science Teacher Needs Help!

Thanks to your help, the kids at PS 163 in the Bronx were able to obtain copies of the Harry Potter series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and assorted Goosebump titles! These kids, who are in a high poverty district and already face many obstacles to success, will now have access to one potential escape that may open the door to increased literacy and excitement about education. And because these are reusable items, future generations of kids will also be able to enjoy these books in Ms. B's classroom.

I'd like to extend the same opportunities to the kids at JHS 8 in Jamaica, NY in Mrs. C's class. Mrs. C is trying to get some earth science kits to provide students with hands on experience identifying rocks and other minerals. I think this is a great way to help urban kids connect with their environment—particularly in NYC, which has a rich geological history!

With these rock and mineral kits we will be able to set up a group project of stations for the students to rotate through; at each station they can handle and examine the various minerals and rock formations which make up the earth, perform easy experiments to learn about the different attributes, and interact and teach each other. They will see magnetic and fluorescent qualities,and how rocks form soil, something "city kids" might otherwise not experience. Hopefully this will be so much fun that they will be hungry for more science experiments in the future! This is important because this type of exploration fosters the analytical, problem-solving thinking that helps students succeed, both in school and in LIFE! 
Donations of any amount are welcome, and will be a big help. This project is eligible for a match, so every dollar donated actually counts twice! We don't have far to go to reach the goal. Please help.

There are many other projects listed on the AiP DonorsChoose page, including

Many of my students are English language learners and work hard to improve their skills in English. In addition, they come from homes within a low-socioeconomic neighborhood. Despite their challenges, they are motivated and eager to learn. Currently, my students have difficulty understanding a world outside of their community. This is mainly because my students are unable to have many cultural/educational experiences that other children are able to have. I want to change this by bringing in the Weekly Reader magazine so that students may begin to learn about other countries, communities and way of life. 

Recently, my students have been doing a lot of projects that involve research. The problem is that many of my students do not have printers at home and the printer in my classroom is old and broken. It would be so much easier for my students to have a printer readily available to them to print out their research and final papers. 

This year our 6th grade science class is studying estuaries and watersheds as part of the populations and ecosystems unit. What better way to teach interdependence and systems than by raising trout in the classroom! The start-up aquarium kit is part of the initial set-up for raising trout in the classroom. After we raise the trout in the classroom, we take a field trip to a local stream or estuary and release them into their natural habitat. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach our students responsibility, respect and appreciation for the diversity of life, and foster a sense of empowerment and a conservation ethic.

My students would make great excavators in class. We don't need to go out into the field. Please help us bring this project to our classrooms.

Your kindness and generosity will allow my students to bring Social Studies and their community to life for them! They will learn more than what books have to offer; you will help them see that there is more to their community than the corner they wait for the bus on, or the corner store they buy milk for their breakfast at. They will learn about the fire station 2 blocks away and the crossing guard who helps their friends get to school safely. You will help open up their hearts and minds! 

We feel being able to have a life size tangible skeletal system and smaller skeletal systems for the students to touch, observe and feel will provide a "real world" experience for our students. Your donations will help us create an engaging, challenging lesson for our current students as well as future students in years to come.

By donating to any of these great projects, we can help get kids excited about science for years to come! Please donate or share these projects with friends.

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