Thursday, September 30, 2010

Water Movements—Construction Art

All over the city, construction sites are being dressed up to reduce the disorder of design in progress. I stumbled on the following fence art from Lordy Rodriguez:

Rodriguez uses cartography to create imaginary landscapes. The title of this pieces is Water Movements. His intent is to draw attention to the way water continually shapes its environment:
"Sometimes water is still and quiet like a frozen pond, and other times it's so ferocious whole towns can be swept away,” Rodriguez said. “Water is as influential to its environment as it is influenced by it.”
Using familiar cartography symbols, he has created an imaginary river that winds around frozen lakes as well as mountains and valleys. He proposes a new way to experience a landscape, and invites viewers to interpret the "mapped landscape" in terms of their own experiences.

Are construction sites near you getting a makeover? What kinds of public art are you encountering?

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