Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oysters Feel the Recession Crunch

AiP continues to be your place for oyster news. As if these guys didn't have a hard enough time repopulating the waterways around New York: New Jersey officials ordered an environmental group to pull a colony from the Raritan Bay.

Environmental protection commissioner Bob Martin said he thinks the project is a good one, but his department is required by federal law to monitor the local shellfish harvests and he doesn't have the resources to extend his team to the group's project. He's concerned that contaminated oysters from the project will work their way into the food supply.

How? Poachers.

NY/NJ Baykeeper, the group running this project, insists this would be near to impossible: the colony is housed in a metal frame with netting that is securely anchored. And the group points out there there are tons of clams that are easier to pick off than the oysters. However, for now, they have to comply. They were searching for home for the colony—hopefully, they'll find a place for them. Our waterways need all the help they can get.

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