Friday, September 17, 2010

Four Stone Hearth 101 and Other Recent Carnivals

The 101st edition of the anthropology blog carnival is live at Sapien Games. Nick has dubbed this installment The Phoenix Edition in honor of the carnival torch being passed from Martin Rundkvist to the hominin at Afarensis. This edition includes a look at scientific dating methods (artifacts, not relationships), stone tools, our depiction of the past, moose, cultural divides in social media, and ape sex. (Yup, ape sex.) Makes for good morning reading, so head on over and leave a comment or two.

I'll be hosting the next edition of the carnival here at AiP, so please send in your suggestions on things you find interesting in your web travels on Twitter at @anthinpractice or via email

I thought I'd share a few other carnivals you might find interesting:
  • Carin Bondar is hosting the Carnal Carnival—the theme this time is vomit (and they promise it's all scientific).
  • Andrew Bernadin posted the Carnival of Evolution earlier this month. The theme is food, so maybe do this one way after or way before the vomit special above.
  • Guru of Entertaining Research has the latest Giant's Shoulders up. It's a great mix of posts this time covering fever, punishment, solstices, and Cleopatra. Well worth a read.
For even more, you can view the list of current carnivals at Science Blogging.

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