Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing The Urban Ethnographer!

And so we meet again. Do you have your coffee? Good! I have some exciting news! A few weeks ago, I reported that there was a disturbance in the science blogosphere. The fallout has changed the face of science writing and a few new blogging collectives have been formed as people reconsidered their objectives as science writers and what blogging collectives meant to them. I was invited to join one of these, Scientopia, and after some deliberation, I decided to participate with a new blog called The Urban Ethnographer.

So what does this mean for Anthropology in Practice? I am not moving AiP, which was a serious part of my deliberation. I have a few projects tied to this site, and I wanted to keep those interests separate from my role at Scientopia. Nothing will change here—except perhaps my posting schedule (with a shift to three times a week instead of every day but we'll see how long I can go before I start to run out of steam and S begins to complain about neglect). AiP will continue on the track that has emerged here with a focus on connecting daily events and ordinary, easily overlooked circumstances to ethnographic ideas, including shining a light on our emerging digital sociality. In fact, AiP will even be hosting Eric Michael Johnson's Primate Diaries in Exile Tour in a few weeks, so there's plenty to look forward to here.

The Urban Ethnographer is an extension of AiP. I plan to focus more there on how local histories have shaped life in urban centers, such as the New York metropolitan area. For now, I've moved some posts from AiP's archive over to The Urban Ethnographer to help readers get a sense for my style and the focus of that blog. I will be posting there on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I hope you'll join me.

Scientopia connects people who love science—those who enjoy writing, discussing, and reading science.  I am delighted to be able to add an anthropological voice to this mix. Scientopia will launch with 24 blogs, and we have plans to add others in the coming weeks. Others who will be a part of this initial venture include:
A complete listing of blogs can be found at Go visit The Urban Ethnographer and these other great blogs, and feel free to poke around—yes, you may bring your coffee with you.


  1. I am new to the blog, but I've enjoyed reading through the archives and, as a blogger myself, I'm excited to see how the new arrangements work out. Good luck and keep up all the great work.

  2. Hey Mark. Thanks for stopping by. Lots of great things in store, so I'm definitely excited to see where this will go.