Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Statuesque in City Hall Park

A new art exhibit has gone on display in City Hall Park. Statuesque features art from six international artists. The show is meant to encourage a re-imagining of the classic form of statues by melding sculpture with beauty and elegance of this now historic style. The show will run through December and is a perfect accompaniment to lunch in the park. Images of the pieces can be viewed after the jump.

Rebecca Warren, Large Concretised Monument to the Twentieth Century.

 Aaron Curry, Horned Head Trip Reclining.

Thomas Houseago, Untitled (Lumpy Figure).

Aaron Curry, Yellow Bird Boy.

 Matthew Monahan, Nation Builder.

 Thomas Houseago, Red Man.

 Thomas Houseago, Untitled (Sprawling Octopus Man).

My favorite is the Lumpy Figure by Houseago. It has a mythical quality to it—reminding the viewer (or me, at least) of a fallen angel. I thought it was powerful and captivating. There was something ethereal about it, and I found myself thinking of certain video game characters. (Interesting that it would cause me to make a digital link.)

Public art exhibits are wonderful finds. They are snapshots of our time, and the meaning we attribute to our world. What do you think, Readers? Let me know.

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