Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And We're Back ...

Hello, Readers—both old and new. Here's hoping that those of you in the States had a fantastic long weekend, and that your Memorial Day celebrations included some recognition of our armed forces. As for me, I had a much needed tech-free long weekend and I'm back with some good ideas for AiP. One of the things that surprised me was how easy it was for me to unplug. I get email on my phone (personal, not work-related) and I can also check on Facebook and Twitter via assorted apps, but it was relatively easy not to—or to give things a cursory glance and keep moving. Sure, I was tempted to look at pictures I had taken or catch up on the news, but in the end the sunshine and my tattered copies of Stephen King books held greater influence. And I'm glad because I feel like someone hit the reset button. Still, I realize I missed A LOT in the digital world but it's a nice reminder that you can go on for short periods without being plugged in. (Even S managed to minimize his email time, though he is definitely more fettered than I am to his smart phone.)

So what's coming? Well, I have a new interest—summer towns! So look for insights and thoughts on the subject. I'm hoping to talk to a few town officials, so we'll see how these stories unfold.

My interest in summer towns goes hand-in-hand with the fishing industry on Long Island—both recreational and commercial—and I have a few ideas brewing on that topic as well.

More NYC history—some subway lore, and I'll be dreaming up a few neighborhood explorations. Eastern Long Island is ripe with it with some of the oldest towns being some of the more exclusive addresses today. We'll try and strip them back to the core and see if any of the historical spirit remains.

And of course time. The reading material is definitely dense, so I'll share some bits and pieces with you as I plod though. I'm not sure how far I am going to get on this one, but it's been interesting work so far. I have two great non-fiction references I want to share. I just need to type them up.

Just a reminder to send me your farmers' markets photos and any interesting blog posts you may have come across for the next anthro blog carnival, which will be hosted here on June 9th.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm glad you stopped by and I hope you'll come again. I've got a lot yet to explore ...

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