Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Service in the City: Administrative Assistant

To keep a metropolis running, it takes the work of many beyond public officials. There are countless individuals that we often take for granted. They provide valuable services to society—from serving up coffee at 5 am, to cleaning our bathrooms, to keeping watch over our homes and workplaces. Over the next few days we'll take a look at the lives of some individuals in the service industry who make it possible for us to get our jobs done, and are often overlooked. By answering a few questions, these folks give us a look at their lives.

First in the line-up is an administrative assistant named Alex.

Q: What is your typical day like?

Alex: I usually start my day with an early morning breakfast to get energized. I update my supervisor in regards to completed and upcoming projects and communicate the agenda for the day with my administrative co-workers. [Right: Alex at his work station.]

Q: What is the most challenging issue you face relating to work?

Alex: The issue I find most challenging is getting co-workers to give the administrative team projects earlier than later. Receiving work-related materials under short notice only increases stress levels for everyone involved.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Alex: The most rewarding aspect of my job is when co-workers recognize and appreciate hard work and dedication. I really enjoy providing a quick response time and completing projects on a timely basis. I believe good communication and listening skills are key.

Q: Given that your job requires you to interact with so many people on a daily basis, you likely see all sides of people. So what piece of advice would you offer them if you could?

Alex: I would advised people to be careful of what they talk about in the work environment. As individuals we all have the right to our own opinion, but we should always be mindful of other people in surrounding areas.

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