Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The East River Waterfront Project and Construction Art

The development of the East River waterfront continues, shrinking the river even as it changes the skyline downtown.

Here are some updated photos of the work being done:

Above: View from Pier 11 looking at the development site, 5/26/10.

Above: Site of EDC development along East River; Brooklyn Bridge in
background, 5/26/10.

Above: Sneaking in closer for a look at construction, 5/26/10.

Above: Open fences are so inviting. Who knows what will happen to that mound of dirt! 5/26/10

Above: The closest I could get to one of the numerous trenches that have been dug; I'm guessing that they're for supports of sort sort, 5/26/10.

Also, it seems there has been some attempt to beautify the construction site. With a display called "Fence Embroidery With Embellishment" artist Katherine Daniels uses what appears to be cable spools to brighten up the area. A nearby sign informs that:
Daniels' composition of an abstract flowering hedge embraces the idea of a garden path with visual rhythms of lines, colors and shapes for the viewer to move through. Ribbon-like stitches of green and white plastic fence weaved have been woven into the wire mesh fencing and the installation is embellished with brightly painted spools, lids and flanges.
It's a creative and colorful way to dress up the site.

Above: Close up of Fence Embroidery With Embellishment, 5/26/10.

Above: Fence Embroidery With Embellishment spans the construction fence.

I'll keep you posted as this change unfolds. For more on my discussions on landscapes and our relationships to them, please click here.

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