Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Overheard on the Street

It's raining in New York City. Again. And when it rains, it means that the sidewalks become especially congested as umbrella wielding citizens, both large and small, attempt to negotiate the crowded sidewalks and entrances to the subways. It's remarkable to watch since it reveals a sense of order that is otherwise not readily visible.

But the order only works for those who are immersed in it. For umbrella folk, the tourists, who stop to take in tall buildings every five feet, disrupt the flow required to navigate crowded streets in the rain. This morning as I exited the subway station on Wall Street, and headed to my building, I came across a group of tourists who were posing by a silver bull, that in no way compares to his larger cousin a few blocks away. While I sidestepped them, a man, carrying a large umbrella hurried past and bumped one of the tourists on the periphery of the group. 

The bumper managed to look both annoyed and aggrieved at the same time. While the bumpee appeared absolutely delighted. He turned to a fellow group member and was overheard saying, "Hey, it was a rude New Yorker! They do exist!"

I lowered my umbrella to hide my smile. But perhaps there's a t-shirt slogan in here somewhere.

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