Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog News

Hello, dear readers! Thank you all for joining me during my adventures in New York City. I'm taking a moment to touch base with you all and invite you to "delurk"—say hello, let me know what interests you, what you're doing in your corner of the world, etc.

I also want to talk about some upcoming posts that are "tumble-weeding" through my mind:
  • As the weather warms up and the snow becomes a distant memory, I hope to resume some of my neighborhood explorations. I've got the Five Points, Central Park, and a few neighborhoods in the other boroughs on my list which will bring us back to discussions about the past in the present.
  • Updates to some of the landscape changes I've noted on here previously—the city is planning an aquatic carousel in the Battery Park, which should be interesting to watch unfold.
  • More ruminations on digital and social media. I would like to introduce you more to the academic literature and will be making more of an attempt to connect you with the articles and books I'm reading.
  • And of course, continued explorations of how the past and technology are intersecting daily life.
So I hope you'll continue visit and that you'll continue to share your ideas with me. Cheers!

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