Monday, January 25, 2010

Overheard on the Subway

It's a pretty dreary day here in New York City. It's rainy and the wind is howling fiercely in the corridors created by our sky scrapers. This morning on the subway, a young boy—possible aged six or seven—and his sister boarded the train with an adult. They were dressed for the rain in colorful raincoats and galoshes. After they boarded, the train moved into the tunnel and stopped. After a few moments with no announcement from the engineer as to why we weren't moving, the other passengers began to get a little restless. Sighs rippled through the car. The little boy who had been studying a puddle forming around his boots suddenly looked up. In a perfectly clear voice he said, "Don't worry. There's another train in front of us. We'll go soon. Right, mom?" His mom murmured her agreement, and he looked around proudly—he'd just unraveled the mystery of subway delays.

Just a reminder of the very social ways in which we come to understand our world. Stay dry/warm/comfortable during your travels today.

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