Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breaking News! Landscape Change Underway in Battery Park!

I was walking down by the Battery and came across the following sign:
Image: Coming attractions planned for Battery Park.

Yes, you're reading that correctly. An aquatic carousel will be built in Battery Park. From the picture, I guess it will be a combination of a carousel with an aquarium in the center. As neat as this is, I was far more excited by this sign a few feet away:

Image: Work in Progress sign in Battery Park.

Tree work? What could that possible mean? Well, a quick look around revealed that a survey of the site was in process. Surveyors were walking the intended site of the carousel—and climbing trees to determine which would be cut down to make way for the coming attraction! In keeping with the previous post, we have an opportunity here to witness the actual reshaping of a landscape. What timing! More to come as this project unfolds.

Image: Look closely at second tree from the right. See the surveyor climbing the tree?

Image: Survey equipment on the floor.

Image: Surveyors in tree and on the ground.

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