Sunday, September 27, 2009

Culture in Action: A House Blessing

What would you do if you were invited to a religious event, a mass really, where three bishops and a priest would be performing a blessing at a private home? If you're Catholic, would you be hurry over to be in the presence of these holy men in the hopes of being blessed by them? If you're of another faith, substitute the three men mentioned for three leaders of your own temple or synagogue—what would your response be? And if you don't have a religious leaning, would you go to satisfy a sense of curiosity?

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Culture in Action—my attempt to to bring cultural events to you in your living room using pictures. Whatever your answer to the questions above, whatever your faith, I'm opening the door and inviting you to share in this amazing experience where three Bengali Bishops of the Catholic Church and a longtime family priest visited a private residence and conferred a blessing on those who gathered. Beyond the obvious religious overtures, cultural staples such as tea (chai) and food also reappear. Welcome and enjoy the event!

The Host Family and the Bishops

A Decorated Mary Statue

Mary Again

Listening to Mass

Delivering Mass


Pouring the Tea

The Altar Draped in a Sari

Sari Detail

Offering Plate